There are four houses in the school namely Dayanand , Hansraj ,Shraddhanand & Virajanand.Co-curricular, sports, literary activities are carried out in the form of Inter- house competitions to promote the spirit of healthy competition among the children; as children are inspired to participate with full enthusiasm and zeal.

Virjanand House
This house is named after the great Sant Virjanand the great philosopher and thinker.

Dayanand House
This house is named after Maharishi Dayanand , the founder of Arya Samaj which believes in principles of Vedas. Colleges and schools across country were founded on the philosophies and principles of Vedas which were enlivened by Maharishi Dayanand.

Shraddhananda House
This house is named after Swami Shraddhananda, the great philosopher and thinker , whose philosophy enthuses the spirit of youthfulness in our children.

Hansraj House
Mahatma Hansraj is an inspirational legend who founded DAV schools and colleges long way back having been influenced by the educational policies were expounded by Maharishi Dayanand; the deeds of this great man imbibe the spirit of sacrifice and patriotism in the children.