Faith in eternal values of Vedic dharma along with the study of modern languages, science and technology At DAV Kalisindh Thermal Public School,Jhalawar , academic is of prime importance. Quality education is provided to each and every child. D.A.V KTPS, Jhalawar believes that love for education should be developed in children during the formative years and conditions should be created for them to pursue a positive approach in life. Every heed is paid to cater to the educational requirement of the children. There are academic supervisors to ensure that the classes are running smoothly and both the students and the parents are well satisfied. Here the teacher becomes the group co-ordinator initiating work, nurturing students without the phobia of examinations and homework. Development of oral and written expression is emphasized upon. Home assignments are not a carry-over of class work but oriented towards honing individual talents.

Primary level
At this level, the children must be able to communicate easily through proper articulate speech. Assiduous efforts and initiatives are taken to develop the inherent creativity and the habit of self-reliance and sincerity towards responsibility. Also the qualities of head and heart, habits of cleanliness are stirred and inculcated in them which in turn affects, moulds, defines, and shapes their lives.

Nursery, LKG and UKG Level
There is an activity room along with audio visual room where these tiny tots can relax after the mental learning that they do in the classroom. Teachers also guide them and make them aware about their environment by taking them out and giving them an opportunity to know more precisely and explore more effectively their familiar environment.